A small preview of another animated meme that I have been working on.
I am hoping to release the whole project sometime in August.
Made using Photoshop, PaintTool SAI, and ToonBoom Harmony

Sticker Graphic I made in my down-time. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Some character designs
Made using PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop

I found some drawing from my Profile Drawing class.

Made using Sai and Adobe Photoshop.

Palette Challenge – Features Black Hat from the cartoon “Villainous”
Made with PaintTool SAI

Character Paintings made using PaintTool Sai and Adobe Photoshop

Scene 7-12 of a project I’m working on for my Layout and Timing Class. Made using Storyboard Pro.

Animatic made using Storyboard Pro
For an abstract chase-scene

Some storyboard work I did today for a class using Storyboard Pro

Work in progress of a Animation / Fan-art I am doing.
Features a character from CartoonNetwork’s new Mini Series, “Villainous”.

Continuing to work in Unity on a 2D game/project called Haunted.exe
Here are a couple assets, and the blueprint for my the level design.

I have been working on a comic for the past few weeks. I hope that it can be a long-term-thing.
At the moment, the only place I have been posting it is here: https://tapastic.com/series/UNDead

Concept art for a project in my Game Pipeline class.
I’ve also made a blog for this specific project: www.helpthegame.tumblr.com

Scene 4 of my animation final. Starting to get into the experimental animation by using traditional elements. Full project is due 12.15.16.
Made using ToonBoom Harmony and traditional drawings.

Made some more progress on my animation final. For the sake of time, I decided to leave out the shading and highlights from my previous version.
The project is due 12.15.16
Made using ToonBoom Harmony and Adobe Premiere

Scene 1 progress for my animation final. Full project is due 12.15.16.
Made using ToonBoom Harmony

Short tension animation I did a while back. It was found while looking through my old files.
Made using ToonBoom Harmony

Progress on my Portrait Final. Approximately 50% done so far. Due date is December 13th.
Using Tone paper with white and black graphite pencils.