Demo Reel

Shot List / Descriptions :

“Bard Animation” – The final animation for my 2D Character Animation class. Made using ToonBoom Harmony.

“Red Animation” – Final project for my experimental animation class. The video combines a mixture of 2D animation and photo-scanned assets.

“Lurk” – I worked with a small team to produce a short video with 360 compatibility. The few scenes I’ve included here are ones that I specifically animated for.

“Robits (Stop-Go Animation)" – Short story I produced. Also happens to be my first attempt at stop-go animation. The puppet is made out of paper and string.

"Ghosting – Layout and Timing” – The final product from my Layout and Timing class. Made using Storyboard Pro and ToonBoom Harmony.

“Map Animation” – For this project a song was divided into parts to be animated amongst different Youtubers. This was my part for the project.